2020 Cromwell Farmers Market Application

Registration is now open for the CFM 2020 season! CFM is a producer-only market featuring Connecticut made products (purchasing products to resell is not permitted). Guest vendors may be from surrounding areas and will be approved based upon the discretion of the Market Manager. Market closings due to inclement weather will be determined by the Cromwell Public Works Department. You will be notified by Thursday of that week if the market will be closed.

The CFM reviews every application and tries to respond within 24 hours confirming receipt. If we required additional information, we will contact you prior to accepting your application.

All vendor fees must be paid in full. Guest vendors must pay two weeks before season begins on May 29, 2020. We do not accept payment on market days for vendor fees.

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The CFM is a certified CT GROWN ONLY Farmers' Market and it's critical that all of our vendors are registered in the state of CT (This only applies to Growers/Farmers). All products must be properly labeled according to the USDA. All produce must be grown on CT soil, and all products and goods must be produced within the state. Any farmer intending to sell a limited amount of produce grown in CT but NOT on their farm will need permission in advance from the Market Master. In the rare cases where this may be deemed acceptable, each product will have to be labeled with the farm name and location of where it is grown.
Legal Stuff - Food Vendors *
In addition to filling out this application, you will have to apply with our local health department and receive a health permit from Cromwell Health Department. The cost is $100 and will cover you for the entire calendar year.
If you are an out of state vendor - you must be approved by the Market Master to attend (enter 000 below).
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Please confirm you have read and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the CFM contained herein.